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Meet Dr. Romriell

  • Proud Father of one daughter, two boys, and married to the love of my life
  • Dental Degree from University of Louisville
  • Certificate in Prosthodontics from Indiana University School of Dentistry
  • Certificate in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics from Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Private practice in Prosthodontics
  • Love to sculpt, paint, hike, bike, golf

Angela, office manager
​having grown up in the magic valley, Angela knows just how to give people what they want and need. Angela is an expert in working with your insurance in getting you the maximum benefit from your insurance. She is also excellent at finding ways to get financing that is zero cost to you for up to a year. Straight forward and accurate information about navigating the financing side of dentistry.  She provides a comfortable, caring attitude that makes life better for everyone she reaches.
Our Team
at SmileMakers we are commited to providing excellent dentistry to our patients through technology and experience. Come experience the difference.

SmileMakers PLLC is family-owned and operated right here in Twin Falls, ID. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
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"Committed to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams"
​Amelia has been in the dental field for over 10 years with well rounded experience in different areas of the dentistry from general to specialty practice in orthodontics, sleep apnea, TMJ, and prosthodontics. Amelia enjoys working for Dr. Romriell and his whole team. she strives to make each patients experience comfortable and pleasant.
Amelia, head assistant
Janelle, marketing
Native of Idaho, Janelle enjoys networking with the community being involved in organizing events, and getting to know people. She understands the relationship between the media and the dental community and is passionate about helping people understand our office's mission to provide excellent, affordable specialized dentistry. 
Dr. Paul Romriell
​Dr. Romriell grew up in the hills on a small farm where he learned the value of hard work and the joy of eating food that he his family raised. While growing up on the farm, Dr. Romriell learned to enjoy carving wood, soap, and anything else his parents would allow him to carve. Dr. Romriell was also involved in sports from an early age including soccor, wrestling, football, and baseball. Now, Dr. Romriell enjoys playing sports with his family of two boys and one daughter.